Facebook Etiquette 101 and The Trouble with Social Media….

Facebook is often mistaken as a platform to post what your seeing and feeling as you experience it.  Unfortunately that is not what Facebook should be used for.  Facebook isn’t just for personal information and fun.  There are now prospective employers, college admission officers, business partners and even insurance companies checking Facebook before issuing life policies to see if applicants indulge in risky behavior or partake in dangerous sports!

Even with your Facebook privacy settings adjusted to the highest protection, you never know where your posts and photos will end up. Once you post on the internet, you have no way to control what friends may do with them, and once shared, copied and pasted, or even screen shot and re-posted, it only takes a few ‘Likes’ for a post, with your name on it, to be seen by hundreds of people you’ve never heard of.

In addition, here’s the 5 things you should never post on Facebook

  1. The Brag

So you drink booze, or your diet is on point, or you are working on the beach today!  Who cares!  Even worse, THE KID BRAG!  Look how awesome my kids is!  So you kid got an A in math, or made the Varsity team!  Good on you!  I am sure grandma cares, and maybe the aunts and uncles, but no one else does.  Please keep them off Facebook!


  1. Proof you are having fun or you can drink with friends

Look how cool I am!  I have friends!  We are all drinking!  I got tickets to a concert! Look at me go!  I am off camping this week! Or in Hawaii!  Look at me go!   How many of these do you scroll right on by when you are looking at Facebook?  They don’t want to see yours then either!


  1. Political Rants or Incoherent Rants About Anything

First of all the world is negative enough. Second of all, no one reads past maybe one scroll.  So your ranting to the computer trolls only.   If you are on Facebook for family, your family already knows your political affiliations and beliefs, your friends probably know too, but really don’t want to hear about it.

If you are on for business, it is just plain unprofessional to rant about politics unless you are a politician.


  1. Food Pictures!

Unless it’s part of your blog or you’re going to include the recipe after you make it and photograph it, don’t post it.   A picture of the food you are about to eat is something you should be eating!  Not photographing.


  1. Chain Letters

No one liked them when they were sent by mail.  No one likes them now that they are digital.  If you are 10, fine you haven’t had your fill of the annoying chain mail.  If you are over 10 just don’t do it!  Resist the urge!


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