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Want Calm Communication with a Respectful Relationship and Connection to your Children?

Struggling with Parent Over Load?

Do you need some peace and calm in your home?

I Hear You & I Get It!    I have FIVE kids including Twins!    I am a full time, self-employed Boss Mama!

Most of us have been taught to be the the strict disciplinarian parent.  That’s the type of parent we grew up with!  You know that parent that come out of you and demands your child “do it or else! “

 Truthfully, this type of parenting creates conflict, and frustration and leaves us with a broken and distant relationship with our children.

Who wants to repeat these painful patterns we experienced as children ourselves? You don’t have to!  It is possible to parent without raising your voice and gritting your teeth, demanding, punishing, or even bribing!
AND without sacrificing your happiness in the process!

Which is why I want to invite you to come learn the same transformational parenting tools that changed my life!

Stop struggling, yelling and feeling frustrated!

I know teens, I know t’weens, I know toddlers and in-betweens, and I am here to empower you!

Are your feeling.....

  • You can't get kids to cooperate or listen?
  • You end up yelling at your kids leaving you exhausted and defeated?
  • Frustrated all the time and at your wit's end?
  • You and your partner aren't on the same page?
  • Overwhelmed! Going through a crisis or hardship, such as divorce, loss of loved one or financial struggles?
  • Like Covid19 is wrecking your work from home schedule, with home schooling and having kids home all day,
  • Like your kids are getting lost in Screen time?
  • Like you can't seem to get any me time or time with your partner?

What you would like it to be ....

  • Peaceful communication and respect from your kids!
  • Reduced or eliminated yelling, nagging or anger!
  • Set boundries and to feel confident about your parenting!
  • A deeper connection, respectful communication, and a better relationship
  • Better time management and reduced struggles
  • Agreement on screen time limits with easy and successful strategies!
  • Possible to reclaim your space & stand confidently in your decisions of that much needed quality time.
Why Choose Me

Be The Good

You are worthy of  becoming the parent you want to be, have the life you want & the peace at home you desire! 

         Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you can ever have!  In today’s society families are likely to have a double income and the demand on kids’ schedules is higher than it has ever been.  It’s exhausting even when things are going well, which makes good communication and development of the family relationship more important than anything else.

As adults, we all juggle work schedules, bills, relationships, housework, shopping, and so much more. Life is hard enough, add kids in to your life and you can be quickly overwhelmed. It’s easy to forget you have someone who is watching your behaviors and learning directly from you.

Parents are NUMBER ONE for shaping who our kids will be when they grow up. And boy, do they ever test us during these growing years.  When parents experience challenges with their children it is not uncommon for their emotions to unravel. Relationships can be left strained and disconnected.

The Prosperous Parent was created because of the parenting struggles I have gone through, just like you.   Having had 5 kids in a 7 year span, premature twins, a child with Autism, and two working parents, created an environment where I had to learn the secrets to redirect my frustration and anger. I had to create a more peaceful home so my kids could thrive.

I will teach you the tools you need for calming and centering emotions and connecting with your kids.  Skills for healthier communication to reduce the stress in your relationship and build a better bond.   I help parents all around the world to achieve balance for their family and an environment to raise prosperous, well-rounded, and empathetic children.

You are worthy of becoming the parent you want to be, have the life you want and the peace at home you desire.  Because you can!

  • So grateful I took the time to invest in Laura!  What a difference it has made in our family!

    Julie S
  • “I blamed every breakdown in our family on myself.  After working through this parenting method, I know now that we work together as a team!  It is amazing how much it has healed our family.”

    Steve K
You Choose The Best Fit For Your Family

Coaching and Courses

One to One Coaching

Private Coaching Sessions Just For You, That Meet Your Individual Needs


Want to get support along side your partner? Couples Coaching is Perfect!


Need interaction with other parents just like you! Group coaching is for you!

You Choose The Best Fit For Your Family

Coaching and Courses

Online Courses

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Peaceful Parenting Courses

No matter the age of your children, from newborn to teenager, we have courses that can help you create an atmosphere of respect and love in your home.

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Work / Life Balance

It’s hard to balance life when you are trying to juggle so many responsibilities.  Let me help you get a more in balance lifestyle.  Check out my online courses as well as my other great resources.

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Get Organized and More Time for You!

Feel like you are spinning in circles your are so busy.  Take it from a working mom of FIVE!  Getting organized can help you increase your productivity, save you time and reduce your stress level! 

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    Are you ready to be amazed?

    Here at the Prosperous Parent....

    Coaching is the most powerful force for positive change on Earth.  I am a Certified Parent Coach and a skilled expert, who have gone through a rigorous professional training to learn ways, and ideas to support you, as a parent, to reestablish and improve your relationship with your kids. 

    Issues that thousands of loving parents just like you, have endured is usually because of the traditional ‘power-over’ ‘drill- sergeant’ or ‘authoritarian’ model of parenting.  It is the  most common parenting pattern, therefore it is the parenting method you know and have used, as it has been ingrained in you through how you were parented as a child.

     It makes you feel like you’re going to spend the rest of your life struggling with your children’s behavior and continue to feel like you’re just not doing a good job as a parent.  I know that you want to be a loving, peaceful parent that has a meaningful connected relationship with your children.

    My Certifications and Expertise
    A Certified Coach Has Professional Training!

    I understand how hard it is to ask for help as a parent......

    Which is why when you contact me, you will be met with understanding, a non-judgemental openness and a supportive, personalized, effective plan that I will personally guide you through every step of the way.


    • When you book a call with me, we’ll sit down together and talk so I can get a sense of what’s going on for you and your family and where I can offer support.
    • You can ask questions to see what type of support would be the best fit for your life and schedule.
    • If it feels right to you, we can book our first session and get started. If it’s not a good fit, I will do my best to offer alternative resources or suggestions for support, wherever possible. There’s no pressure of any kind, simply an opportunity to see if we are a good fit to work together.
    My Certifications and Expertise

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